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You can run but you can't hide...WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID!!

Ragged Edge Community Network Society

I want to put this into context and let the people know the truth and understand that Ragged Edge is not as good as they want the people to believe.
With slippery politicians and scrum bags for management of the Community Futures with the help from the parasites from out of town looking for a job
it was easy to get what they want. All the Board members of the Ragged Edge Community Network Society are employees of the Community Futures
are conected some how. Like the wife of their lawyer you can look at the summary further down the line.
The Community Futures got a grant to be champions and help the provider that was already established to get the last mile
that was not served. What they did, they started their own Society to compete with Keta Cable, which is directly against
the rules. On March 2nd 2007, BC 3 (Community Conectivity Co-op), which were the ones that were controlling the money, had their AGM
the new Board of Directors includes Kevin Basterby, representing Ragged Edge Community Network. But on Tuesday September 7th 2004
resently elected for 2 years term, Kevin Basterby, but this time he represented the Community Futures Development Corporation of Mount Waddington.
In March 15th 2006, he sign a petition to support RECNS to CRTC. In February 16th 2010 I recieved an email
telling me that Kevin Basterby provides internet to the residents from the North Island Area.
The next day on February 17th 2010 I emailed Mr Basterby and asked about highspeed internet for the Twin Peaks area
the answer was"no plan to serve Twin Peaks". Now, June 21st 2011 we have highspeed internet! Thanks to Keta Cable,
the provider that was already in Sointula when the shysters started a Society with public money to compete with Keta Cable.
I want to also thank the Network BC for not listening to our local politicians this time and give money to that screwed up Society
that just think about themselves. Thank you, all of you for NOTHING!!


Ragged Edge Community Network Society (RECNS) is a Non-Profit Society working to provide rural and remote local businesses and residences on the North Island with an opportunity to access fast, reliable HIGH SPEED WIRELESS INTERNET. We service communities including Sointula (as well as Kaleva Road and Mitchell Bay), Hyde Creek, Holberg, Quatsino, Hecate Cove, Coal Harbour, Quatsino First Nations, Zeballos, Ehattesaht First Nations and surrounding areas. We want to preserve our way of life while enabling our local businesses and residences an opportunity for fast, reliable Internet access and with advances in the field of technology and reduced costs, it is now a reality for our area.




Benefits of High Speed Wireless Internet Access


Some of the benefits you will receive with our High-Speed Broadband service are:

- Always-On connections with no waiting for dial-up

- Never ties up your phone

- High speed downloads

- Ability to send large files

- Increases business efficiency

- On-line class and training resources

- E-Health is enhanced

- Reliable service

- Ability to work from home or office

- E-Commerce is enhanced

Guess whos house this is...

The dish is not there anymore, why?

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