You can run but you can't hide...WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID!!

"The society bulids/constructs trails on the North end of Vancouver Island. ..."
B.N. 885837518RR0001
Registration Date 2009 July 11 ~ 2 Year(s)
Designation Charitable Organization
Address P.O. BOX 526
Postal Code V0N2P0
Province British Columbia
Country Canada
Telephone 250-956-2111
Fax 250-956-2111
Nbr Employes
Nbr Employes
Part Time
Revenue $55 785
Expenditure $63 867
Directors / Trustees and Like Officials Cheetham Marie (director)
Denham Cathy (director)
Flintoft Jon (director)
Huddlestan Al (chairperson)
Inglis Rod (director)
Prince Norm (director)
Shipley Stewart (treasurer)
Trebett Dave (vice chairperson)
Wainwright Phil (director)
Whitehead Marty (director)
Witton Cathy (secretary)
Witton Jim (director)

"Donate to charity"
The revenue of $55 785 is in question. Now we know for sure that the total project in 2004 was $1 250 500
Was that money not revenue?
Now we look at the Board Of Directors. The Chair of the Regional District of Mount Waddington is also the Chair of this Society with another politician from the Regional District Phil Wainwrite. When the small businesses were competing for the Federal Money (CEAI Program) we had to have a letter of recommendation from some of the politicians to be successful for a loan. I applied, my application never made it to the commitee to look at it. Cathy Denham said to my lawyer under Discovery that she had never seen it. And that was a loan I was applying for. This one gets a grant for $600 000 and look who's the contact person now. Cathy Denham was making her nest for the future using the Community Futures Development of Mount Waddington to do it. The same thing again, the Chair of the Regional District at the time was the Chair of the CFDCMW. We have many more questions about this conflict of interests.
How can you complain to you Regional District about a Society in your community when the person in control at both places is the same person? This is just a way to cut the public out from asking questions and then you end up with lots more HYPOCRACY and way less DEMOCRACY.
To be continued...